Haul Road Design

Learn the basics of mine haul road design, including its importance in the mining process, design considerations, and best practices.

Top Courses of 2022

The industry is rapidly changing, and the skills and knowledge required for success are changing. Delve into which courses, topics and levels were the most in demand.

Gold Exploration in Tropical Regions

This course will provide an introduction to gold exploration in tropical regions, with a focus on the unique challenges and opportunities associated with this environment.

Rare Earth Elements

Learn about the different REEs and their unique properties, as well as the various REE deposit types and their distribution around the world.

ESG Across the Mining Value Chain

Learn about the various stages of the mining process, from exploration to closure, and the various ESG risks and opportunities associated with each stage.

Miranda Shirley

Miranda works closely with Edumine’s extensive network of experts and industry leaders to coordinate and develop e-learning content. Her background in instructional design and training paired with creativity help her to drive continuous improvement at the Northern Miner Group.

Simon Houlding

Simon Houlding is the Founder of Edumine, the premier provider of online technical reference, continuing education and professional development for a global audience of mining and geoscience personnel and companies. He is also the Founder of Lynx Geosystems Inc.

Dennis Buchanan

Professor Buchanan works jointly between the Department of Earth Science and Engineering and the Business School at Imperial College London. His current research interest lies in addressing the underlying technical principles applying to mineral projects and demonstrating how these influence financial modelling.

Marc Borbas

Creative, well-rounded executive with over 15 years of experience leading companies and teams through transformations and rapid growth in sales, marketing, product, and strategy roles. Proven ability to combine vision, clear communication, and high EQ to open new markets, raise money, develop new products, and help people do things they never thought possible.

Tier 3 – Advanced

The concepts and topics are specific and focused. Concepts are complex and detailed. Prior knowledge and required learning will be essential to comprehend the content.