Tier 3 – Advanced

The concepts and topics are specific and focused. Concepts are complex and detailed. Prior knowledge and required learning will be essential to comprehend the content.

Tier 2 – Intermediate

The concepts and topics discussed may be more specific and narrow. Concepts are complex and detailed. The learner will need prior knowledge in the subject matter. Prior learning will be recommended.

Tier 1 – Introductory

The concepts are general, new ideas are explored in the course content. New or specific terminology is defined. The learner would benefit from general knowledge in the subject area. Prior learning may be recommended.

Tier 0 – New to Mining

The concepts are broad, introduced and explained in the course content. Terminology is defined and the learner does not need any knowledge prior to taking the course.

Anthony Konya

Dr. Anthony Konya holds a PhD in explosive engineering. He has consulted around the world on blasting including blast design, presplitting, ground vibration, air overpressure, and blasting safety. Anthony has written over 50 technical articles on drilling and blasting and has developed the modern presplit breakage theory utilized in the industry.

Sarah Gordon

Voted as one of the top 10 most inspirational women in mining in 2016, Sarah is a trustee of Geology for Global Development and co-founder of Responsible Raw Materials. In 2020, Satarla was shortlisted for a CIR Magazine award for ESG Initiative of the Year, recognizing Satarla’s work on ESG to date, and are winners of the award for Specialist Risk Management Company of the Year.

Managing Tailings Through Satellite-Based Technology

Join Sam Rivet from PhotoSat to gain an overview of the application of satellite-based elevation surveying for active and legacy (decommissioned) tailings facilities. Understand the challenges of obtaining consistent and accurate survey data over large scale Mine Sites and Earthworks Projects; the impacts of low quality data; the applications of satellite archive data’ as well as applications of newly collected satellite data for monitoring and management of tailings facilities.

How to Get Teams to Address ESG Risks

Join Karen Chovan to find out how and why effective outcomes happen when multi-discipline teams really hash out ESG risks together. Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) risks cover a broad range of risks that no company should ignore. ESG risks face the heaviest scrutiny of all by your local communities, investors and insurers. They are the reasons projects are delayed, blocked or denied.

Spotlight on Operations: Skilling up Local Workforces

Join Roger Pomerleau of Vista Training where he will explain how to efficiently create a self-sustaining, safety-first culture on your site. Learn how New Gold’s Rainy River operation recruited and trained 160 equipment operators from an inexperienced local labour pool in near record time.

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