The Evolution of Learning & Development in Mining

The past, present and future of professional development in mining

Edumine recently surveyed over 750 mining professionals worldwide to glean a broad and comprehensive spectrum of insights, experiences, and perspectives relative to the evolution of professional development in the global mining community. The survey aimed to capture and understand current practices, historical trends, and future expectations regarding professional development in the mining industry.

This report explores the past, present, and future of professional development in mining, providing a comprehensive overview of how the industry has evolved and where it is headed. This article reports on:

  • The importance of training
  • How courses have changed
  • Evolution in course topics and critical subject areas

The insights gained from this study will aid stakeholders in shaping more effective and forward-thinking development programs, ensuring that the mining industry remains resilient and competitive in the face of future challenges.

By identifying areas for improvement and innovation, we aim to help leaders and stakeholders better understand and formulate related strategies to align with the evolution of mining education and training and what talent needs to be skilled, adaptable, agile for the needs of tomorrow.

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