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Course NameTierSubjectLanguageStore Link
360° Introduction to the Mining IndustryNew To MiningMiningEN
A Global Perspective on Cyanide Use and ManagementIntroductoryEnvironmentEN
A Rock Engineering Primer for Non-Engineers in MiningIntroductoryGeotechnicsEN
Acid Rock Drainage PredictionAdvancedEnvironmentEN
Aguas subterráneas en mineríaAdvancedGeotechnicsES
An Introduction to Evaluation of Junior Mining Companies for Investment PurposesIntroductoryFinancialEN
An Introduction to Mining and Mineral ProcessingNew To MiningMiningEN
An Introduction to Mining Investment - Understanding the RisksIntroductoryFinancialEN
Análisis de balance hídrico y químico de una minaAdvancedGeotechnicsES
Application of Stereonets in Open Pit DesignAdvancedGeotechnicsEN
Applied Ethics in Exploration and MiningAdvancedLeadershipEN
Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining in the Tropics IntermediateMiningEN
Bulk Sampling: An IntroductionIntermediateExplorationEN
Chemical Fundamentals in Mineral ProcessingIntroductoryMineral ProcessingEN
Cómo comprender los estados financieros de las compañías minerasIntermediateFinancialES
Cómo establecer una licencia social para operar en mineríaIntermediateLeadershipES
Conventional Methods of Resource / Reserve EstimationIntermediateExplorationEN
Critical MineralsIntroductoryMiningEN
Cyanide Management in Mining - 3: Geochemical Properties and Environmental Fate of CyanideAdvancedEnvironmentEN
Data Analytics in MiningIntroductoryMiningEN
Design and Application of Sublevel Stoping MethodsAdvancedMiningEN
Design for Underground Metal Mines 1 - Design ParametersAdvancedGeotechnicsEN
Design for Underground Metal Mines 2 - Design GuidelinesAdvancedGeotechnicsEN
Diseño y monitoreo del desempeño de los caminos de la minaIntermediateMiningES
Diseño, operación y cierre de tranques de relavesIntermediateGeotechnicsES
e3Plus - Health and Safety in Exploration 1: Personal SafetyIntroductorySafetyEN
e3Plus - Health and Safety in Exploration 2: Traversing, Weather, and WildlifeIntroductorySafetyEN
e3Plus - Health and Safety in Exploration 3: Surveying and Travel SafetyIntroductorySafetyEN
e3Plus - Health and Safety in Exploration 4: Site and Camp SafetyIntroductorySafetyEN
e3Plus - Principles and Guidance for Responsible ExplorationIntroductoryExplorationEN
e3Plus: Principios y guíasIntroductoryExplorationES
Economic Evaluation and Optimization of Mineral ProjectsIntermediateFinancialEN
Economic Geology 101IntroductoryExplorationEN
Engineering for Success in MiningAdvancedLeadershipEN
Enterprise Facilitation: a Methodology for Sustainable Community Development in MiningAdvancedEnvironmentEN
Environmental Health and Safety - Emergency PreparednessIntroductorySafetyEN
Environmental Health and Safety - Emergency Response PlanningIntroductorySafetyEN
ESG Across the Mining Value ChainIntermediateMiningEN
Establishing a Social License to Operate in MiningIntermediateLeadershipEN
Estimación del costo de la mineríaAdvancedFinancialES
Estimating Costs for Mining Prefeasibility StudiesAdvancedFinancialEN
Extractive Metallurgy 1 - Metals, Ore Deposits and MineralsIntermediateMineral ProcessingEN
Extractive Metallurgy 2 - Beneficiation, Extraction and Metallurgical ProcessesIntermediateMineral ProcessingEN
Flotation 1 - FundamentalsIntermediateMineral ProcessingEN
Flotation 2 - Unit OperationsIntermediateMineral ProcessingEN
Flotation 3 - CircuitsIntermediateMineral ProcessingEN
Geosynthetics in MiningIntermediateGeotechnicsEN
Geotechnical Engineering for Mine Geowaste FacilitiesAdvancedGeotechnicsEN
Gestión de proyectos minerosIntermediateLeadershipES
Gestión del ciclo de vida útil de camiones de transporteIntermediateMaintenanceES
Gestión sustentable de aguas residuales para las industrias de energía y mineríaIntermediateEnvironmentES
Grinding 1 - FundamentalsIntermediateMineral ProcessingEN
Grinding 2 - Unit OperationsIntermediateMineral ProcessingEN
Grinding 3 - CircuitsIntermediateMineral ProcessingEN
Groundwater in MiningAdvancedGeotechnicsEN
Gyratory Crushing - Fundamentals, Unit Operations and CircuitsIntermediateMineral ProcessingEN
Haul Road Design and Operational BenchmarkingAdvancedMiningEN
Hazards, Safety and Security Management of Mining Transportation on Off-Site RoadsIntermediateSafetyEN
Heap Leach PadsIntermediateMiningEN
Hydrometallurgy 1 - Introduction to LeachingIntermediateMineral ProcessingEN
Hydrometallurgy 2 - Leaching ProcessesAdvancedMineral ProcessingEN
Hydrometallurgy 3 - Concentration and Purification of Leach SolutionsAdvancedMineral ProcessingEN
Hydrometallurgy 4 - Precipitation from Leach SolutionsAdvancedMineral ProcessingEN
Informes de proyectos mineros bajo la norma NI 43-101IntermediateExplorationES
Introducción a la ingeniería de rocas para el personal de minería que no son ingenierosIntroductoryGeotechnicsES
Introducción a la minería y al procesamiento de mineralesNew To MiningMiningES
Introducción al modelamiento de aguas subterráneas para minas y la mineríaIntermediateGeotechnicsES
Introduction à l’exploitation minière et au traitement du mineraiIntroductoryMiningFR
Introduction to Battery MetalsIntroductoryMiningEN
Introduction to BlastingIntroductoryMiningEN
Introduction to Block CavingIntroductoryMiningEN
Introduction to ESGNew To MiningEnvironmentEN
Introduction to Groundwater Modeling for Mines and MiningIntermediateGeotechnicsEN
Introduction to the Basics of XRF InstrumentationIntermediateExplorationEN
Introductory Mining Project EvaluationIntroductoryFinancialEN
Maintenance 101: Mobile Mining EquipmentIntroductoryMaintenanceEN
Maintenance 101: Product Support ContractsIntroductoryMaintenanceEN
Manejo de aguas superficiales en minasIntermediateGeotechnicsES
Mine Closure: The Basics of SuccessIntermediateEnvironmentEN
Mine Planning 1 - StrategyIntermediateMiningEN
Mine Planning 2 - OperationsIntermediateMiningEN
Mine Planning 3 - OptimizationIntermediateMiningEN
Mine Project EconomicsIntermediateFinancialEN
Mine Safety and Rescue 1 - Underground Gas HazardsIntermediateSafetyEN
Mine Safety and Rescue 3 - Terrain, Cold and Other HazardsIntermediateSafetyEN
Mine Ventilation 2 - Hazard AwarenessIntermediateMiningEN
Mine Ventilation 3 - Design BasicsIntermediateMiningEN
Mine Water and Chemical Balance AnalysisAdvancedGeotechnicsEN
Mineral Project ManagementAdvancedLeadershipEN
Mineral Project Reporting Under NI 43-101AdvancedExplorationEN
Mineral Property Valuation 1 - Standards and GuidelinesAdvancedFinancialEN
Mineral Property Valuation 2 - Approaches and MethodsAdvancedFinancialEN
Mining ExplainedNew To MiningMiningEN
Mobile Equipment Life Cycle CostingAdvancedMaintenanceEN
Molienda 1 - Principios fundamentalesIntermediateMineral ProcessingES
Molienda 2 - Operaciones unitariasIntermediateMineral ProcessingES
Molienda 3 - CircuitosIntermediateMineral ProcessingES
Practical Mineral ProcessingIntroductoryMineral ProcessingEN
Principles and Practice of Ethics Illustrated with Examples from MiningIntroductoryLeadershipEN
Probability Graphs and their Application in Mineral ExplorationIntermediateExplorationEN
Process Mineralogy 1 for MetalsAdvancedMineral ProcessingEN
Process Mineralogy 2 for Coal and Industrial MineralsAdvancedMineral ProcessingEN
Quality Control of Geochemical and Assay SamplesIntermediateExplorationEN
Real Options in MiningAdvancedFinancialEN
Responsible Tailings Management 101IntermediateGeotechnicsEN
Rock Mass Classification for Mine DesignAdvancedGeotechnicsEN
Stakeholder Mapping in the Mining IndustryIntermediateMiningEN
Strategic Social ManagementIntroductoryLeadershipEN
Surface Water Management at MinesIntermediateGeotechnicsEN
Sustainable Development in MiningIntermediateEnvironmentEN
Sustainable Waste Water Management for the Energy and Mining IndustriesIntermediateEnvironmentEN
Tailings Facility Design, Operation, and ClosureIntermediateGeotechnicsEN
The Evolving Image of MiningIntroductoryLeadershipEN
Una perspectiva global sobre el uso y manejo del cianuroIntroductoryEnvironmentES
Underground Mine Backfill 1 - IntroductionIntermediateMiningEN
Underground Mining Methods and EquipmentIntermediateMiningEN
Understanding ContouringAdvancedExplorationEN
Understanding Financial Statements of Mining CompaniesIntermediateFinancialEN
What is Mining - An Introduction to the Mining Value ChainNew To MiningMiningEN

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