The mining industry is rapidly changing, and the skills and knowledge required for success are changing with it. A corporate subscription to Edumine helps you skill up your workforce and ensure they keep pace with industry advancements. Engage learners with a comprehensive library of mining knowledge, drive for specific outcomes with custom learning paths and programs, and track their progress with powerful reporting.

Edumine Helps You Develop Great People

A Wealth of Mining Knowledge, Anywhere, Anytime

Access to Edumine provides your team with a comprehensive library of mining knowledge on a range of subjects across the value chain. Whether you’re cross training your team, or looking for just-in-time knowledge, we have over 180 on-demand courses to keep you covered.

Meet New Challenges Head On

Help your operation meet specific business requirements, support personnel plans and promote successful outcomes with custom learning paths developed to meet your needs. Our expert team will help you create programs to develop the right skills and knowledge for your specific challenges.

Train Your Team For Success

Ensure team success with guided learning programs, supported by testing and grading to track their progress and outcomes. Keep your teams efficient and up to date by providing them with exactly the courses they need to meet their individual goals. Reporting and user management help your leads stay on top of your specific business requirements.

Learn how USGS achieved their learning outcomes and closed their knowledge gap with Edumine

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