Introduction to Satellite Alteration Mapping


In this webinar, join presenter Margaret McPherson from PhotoSat, as she introduces attendees to the fundamentals of satellite alteration mapping. Attendees will gain an understanding of which types of projects are best suited to satellite alteration mapping; what minerals can be detected; the principles behind spectral mapping, and how this data can be integrated to help fill gaps in their own exploration database.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why map alteration is carried out from space
  • Fundamentals of spectral mapping
  • The growth and development of satellite alteration mapping
  • The types of projects and minerals best suited to satellite mapping
  • Case studies
  • How this can benefit attendees’ exploration projects

Who should watch:

The Introduction to Satellite Alteration Mapping webinar will be relevant for anyone interested in learning the basic fundamentals of spectral alteration mapping, and how satellite alteration mapping in particular, can become an integral part of an exploration plan.

Whether you have projects at the grassroots level, or are working in advanced brownfields exploration, the principles of satellite alteration mapping are the same and can help bring new insight to the development of your project.

A working knowledge of common deposit types and alteration minerals will be helpful but not necessary.


Margaret McPherson (P.Geo.) – Exploration Geologist at PhotoSat

Margaret McPherson has a B.Sc. in Geology from UBC and spent 10 years working as an exploration geologist before joining PhotoSat in 1995. She has over 20 years’ experience working with satellite imagery as applied to mineral exploration and has completed numerous satellite alteration mapping projects worldwide.

In Partnership with:

Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, PhotoSat was founded in 1993 to provide “better data for better decisions”. PhotoSat has invented a new geophysical processing technology to produce the world’s most accurate satellite survey data.

They specialize in elevation surveying for civil engineering infrastructure projects, tailings storage facility surveying, and the planning and design of resource development projects.

They deliver services to clients in the oil, gas and mining industries, to governmental agencies, and to engineering and environmental companies. Their team is comprised of geophysicists, engineers, and associated geoscientists with the expertise and experience to create reliable, time-saving solutions for the operation, planning, and development of resource projects.

Their expertise in geophysical data processing methods combined with extensive experience enables them to provide satellite surveying with unparalleled accuracy. PhotoSat has delivered thousands of quality engineering satellite surveys which shorten project timelines, eliminate survey delays, improve data reliability, and reduce risk. They produce data with better than 15cm elevation accuracy.

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