How to Get Teams to Address ESG Risks


Join us to find out how and why effective outcomes happen when multi-discipline teams really hash out ESG risks together.

Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) risks cover a broad range of risks that no company should ignore. ESG risks face the heaviest scrutiny of all by your local communities, investors and insurers. They are the reasons projects are delayed, blocked or denied. And, they’re often a major cause of redesign because project teams haven’t really thought things through.

Many webinars and practitioners discuss what ESGs are, and why they’re important, or they present examples of ESG infractions. But there are more important questions:

  • How can you increase awareness of ESG risks and opportunities for project teams?
  • How can you change how new projects are planned, designed, built and operated to avoid those blockades?
  • How can you shift practices at existing operations, knowing that people resist change?

Join us for this free webinar and learn:

  • How early thinking about ESG and SDG aspects decreases risk and enhances the value of complex projects
  • How intentionally engaging multi-discipline teams increases understanding of ESG issues
  • How active engagement of the teams psychologically increases ownership and buy-in to change, facilitating traction on projects
  • How a few tools and strategies can create interactive environments for successful collaboration in risk identification, options analyses, and complex problem solving



Karen Chovan, CEO and Founder, Enviro Integration Strategies Inc.

With over 20 years’ experience in the mining sector, Karen is focused on creating value, while reducing waste management risks. Her experience ranges from managing field / construction projects and performing geological and closure-related studies; to acting as an internal sustainability consultant in a corporate environment and managing organization-wide change.

Over the last two decades, Karen’s core responsibilities have included assessment of existing processes and programs; developing responsive action plans to address risks and accountability gaps; leading corporate strategic planning and embedding sustainability into project design and management systems. Karen is a forward thinker, sharing her knowledge and experiences with project teams who can truly make a difference, and make positive impacts on mining development outcomes.

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