What is Mining

An Introduction to the Mining Value Chain

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About this course

In this introductory course, explore the full breadth and depth of the mining sector. An array of succinct overviews, video clips, and infographics will guide you through a typical mining value chain (exploration, mining, processing, transport, closure, and post-closure).

This course is for anyone who is interested in the mining sector and would like a broad overview of the mining value chain without the technical details.

Gain a robust foundation to the key components of the mining industry as this course introduces you to the mining value chain, industry specific terminology and key concepts.


Course Authors

Sarah Gordon
CEO of Satarla
Sarah Gordon

Having completed her PhD at Imperial College, Sarah went to work as a Geologist for Anglo American. She then co-founded Satarla in 2014 which provides risk management consultancy, training, and research to organizations. 

Sarah is an honorary lecturer at Imperial College London and is currently leading the team designing the new IRM Climate Change risk management training course.

Voted as one of the top 10 most inspirational women in mining in 2016, she is also a trustee of Geology for Global Development and co-founder of Responsible Raw Materials.

In 2020, Satarla were shortlisted for a CIR Magazine award for ESG Initiative of the Year, recognizing Satarla’s work on ESG to date, and are winners of the award for Specialist Risk Management Company of the Year.

Rose Clarke
Research Associate at Satarla
Rose Clark
Rose is a NERC-funded postgraduate research student based at the University of Leicester, working with the British Geological Survey and Lion One Metals. Her PhD project investigates exploration and genesis of gold deposits enriched in the critical metal tellurium (used in photo-voltaic cells), with a focus on Tuvatu, Fiji. She has an interest in sustainability and responsibility within geosciences and, more specifically, mining, and has undertaken a number of outreach projects based on this theme. More recently her research with Satarla has been looking into the concept of ‘responsible reserves’ and how this may be implemented. Rose is the other co-founder of Responsible Raw Materials, a not-for-profit aimed at encouraging sustainability in the raw materials sector.


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September 01, 2021

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What is Mining

An Introduction to the Mining Value Chain