Metallurgy Courses

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Course NameTierSubjectCourse LengthStore Link
A Global Perspective on Cyanide Use and ManagementIntroductoryEnvironment4
A Rock Engineering Primer for Non-Engineers in MiningIntroductoryGeotechnics3
An Introduction to Mining and Mineral ProcessingNew To MiningMining8
Bulk Sampling: An IntroductionIntermediateExploration12
Chemical Fundamentals in Mineral ProcessingIntroductoryMineral Processing2
Cyanide Management in Mining - 3: Geochemical Properties and Environmental Fate of CyanideAdvancedEnvironment10
ESG Across the Mining Value ChainIntermediateMining4
Extractive Metallurgy 1 - Metals, Ore Deposits and MineralsIntermediateMineral Processing16
Extractive Metallurgy 2 - Beneficiation, Extraction and Metallurgical ProcessesIntermediateMineral Processing16
Flotation 1 - FundamentalsIntermediateMineral Processing18
Flotation 2 - Unit OperationsIntermediateMineral Processing18
Flotation 3 - CircuitsIntermediateMineral Processing5
Heap Leach PadsIntermediateMining8
Hydrometallurgy 1 - Introduction to LeachingIntermediateMineral Processing18
Hydrometallurgy 2 - Leaching ProcessesAdvancedMineral Processing18
Hydrometallurgy 3 - Concentration and Purification of Leach SolutionsAdvancedMineral Processing15
Hydrometallurgy 4 - Precipitation from Leach SolutionsAdvancedMineral Processing15
Practical Mineral ProcessingIntroductoryMineral Processing20
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