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Dr. Anthony Konya holds a PhD in explosive engineering and is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Anthony has consulted around the world on blasting including blast design, presplitting, ground vibration, air overpressure, and blasting safety. Anthony has written over 50 technical articles on drilling and blasting and has developed the modern presplit breakage theory utilized in the industry. Anthony has trained hundreds of industry professionals through online courses, in-class courses and seminars, as an instructor at the Missouri University of Science and Technology, and through guest lectures at the worlds leading Mining Engineering Universities and at private company events.

Podcast - risk management trends

Sarah took part in The Northern Miner’s weekly podcast and discussed the recent trends in risk management and the importance of sustainability and how miners can better measure their ESG credentials. 


This course will cover the new updates in the basics of drilling and blasting which you will use on a daily basis in your career of blast engineering. We will cover critical topics such as an introduction to modern blasting, how rock actually breaks from explosives, the commercial explosives and initiation systems used today, and the drilling technology available in the industry. The course is divided into short video modules with questions following each lesson to reinforce key concepts.

3 hours | 90 day access

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Spotlight: Mine Blasting

As a fourth-generation explosives expert, Anthony Konya was born into the industry: mine blasting is in his blood and an integral part of his family history.

“My great-great grandfather was a well blaster in Hungary – they used to lower him down into a well in a bucket – he’d plant the dynamite, light the safety fuse and hope someone would pull him up before it went off,” Konya said.

After growing up in Ohio, Konya worked and lived in Missouri, Louisiana and New Mexico, working with Cargill and Freeport McMoran.

At Missouri University of Science and Technology, Kona completed bachelor’s, master’s and PhD degrees in mining engineering and was later an adjunct professor at the Colorado School of Mines.

Konya has authored the online, on-demand Introduction to Blasting course at Edumine for two years, coaching on modern methods that have replaced old concepts to enable blasters and engineers to make significant improvements to the drilling and blasting process.

Introduction to Blasting Course

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