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5 Steps for Building a Safe, Efficient, and Focused Workforce

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5 Steps for Building a Safe, Efficient, and Focused Workforce: Utilizing Real-Time Insight to Make Smart Decisions for Real-Time Action Across the Organization


Situational awareness is a key element of many mining safety programs across the industry. Situational awareness serves as a pillar of risk mitigation and asks that workers pause and assess potential workplace hazards.

As creatures of habit, often working in a ‘fast brain’ mode, we usually don’t stop to consider the safety risks surrounding us. Our natural subconscious instincts drive us to stick with what we know and maintain predictable patterns of behaviour.  By utilizing the practices of situational awareness, mine site managers and workers can develop new patterns of behaviour that allow for intentionality and efficacy in maintaining site safety standards that may otherwise be missed.

Join us for this webinar and learn:

  • Methods to enhance and improve your mines safety program
  • How situational awareness enables efficiency
  • How technology can extend awareness
  • How to use real-time insights for smart decision making


Jason Hartley


Jason Hartley, VP of Global Customer Success, Hitachi ABB Power Grids

With 35 years of experience, Jason has worked with some of the world’s largest mining organizations leading the development and implementation of integrated technology programs to drive revolutionary change in underground mining.

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