Heavy Equipment – Introduction and Safety
Heavy Equipment – Introduction and Safety

Heavy Equipment – Introduction and Safety

Areas of Study: Mining | Health and Safety

This course focuses on recommended best-practices in core safety, maintenance, and fundamental knowledge which is common to all equipment operations. The course emphasizes working intelligently, responsibly, and with proper awareness where heavy equipment is found on the jobsite. A great prerequisite to any other equipment-related course. Edumine and VISTA Training are collaborating on the delivery of online courses for mobile and heavy equipment operation, and safety training in mining.


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This course includes online delivery for one person and a VISTA Training Certificate of Completion after requirements are met. It is viewable for up to 60 days.

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  • Technical | New to Mining
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  • 2 hours

Course Summary


The purpose of this course is to introduce trainees – particularly those people who have had little or no previous exposure to mining – to key pieces of heavy equipment most often used on mine sites and large construction projects. These work sites are busy places and may expose workers to a variety of hazards and dangers. Trainees need to have a clear understanding of how these machines work and interact, and common safety hazards to be aware of when working around them. It is usually a prerequisite to most other equipment courses.

Course Topics

  • Lesson 1 introduces seven types of earthmoving machines and explains how each plays a part in moving material in the mine: crawler dozers, hydraulic excavators, motor graders, wheel loaders, rear-dump rigid frame haul trucks, articulated frame haul trucks and hydraulic face shovels.
  • Lesson 2 teaches trainees about key safety principles, including due diligence, engineered controls, administrative controls and personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Lesson 3 explains how heavy machinery responds to being started in cold weather and what can be done to transition it to operating temperature with the least amount of machine stress. It also outlines important steps that must be followed when shutting down a machine after it has been working hard.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the key equipment types used in mine operations and related hazards.
  • Recognize core safety principals and use of personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Identify operating principals common to most types of equipment

Recommended Background

  • This course is suitable anyone with an interest in equipment operation and safety.

VISTA Training

The Silver Series™ of web-based equipment operator training courses was created by VISTA Training of Wisconsin, USA. Each course in the Silver Series™ provides convenient on-demand online access to training on many types of heavy and light equipment. These courses are designed to help trainees become proficient and safe equipment operators, and make it easy for mines, contractors and fleet owners to schedule training when and where it's most convenient for them. They're also ideal for smaller entities that may only need to train a handful of new people per year (e.g. OSHA- or OHSA- or MSHA-related training). Many also use these courses as refresher training for their "experienced" operators. This helps create consistency among the entire team.

These self-study courses focus on how to productively and safely perform common tasks in a mine or around a jobsite. At the end of each course, an integrated test provides an accurate measure of how much knowledge has been retained. Trainees are also able to print a certificate of completion, customized with their name and test score as well as a report showing any incorrectly answered test questions.