Statistical Analysis of a Sample Population

Application: Exploration and Geology

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Statistical Analysis of a Sample Population


An interactive tool for statistical analysis (mean, variance, deviation, median, etc.) of a sample population ... plus frequency histrogram plotting.

Notes on Statistical Analysis of a Sample Population

  • Value N refers to a particular value of the variable sampled.
  • Number N refers to the frequency of the value ... i.e the number of occurrences ... for small sample populations this is generally 1.
  • Sample values with Number N = or > 1 are included in the analysis.
  • A frequency (F) histogram of sample values (V) is plotted for Total Entries > 1.
  • -1000000 < or = Value N < or = 1 000 000
  • 0 < or = Number N < or = 100 000

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Tool Parameters

Values displayed with a may be changed ... click on a value to display an entry form ... or use the arrows right of a value to select from a list.

Tool Behaviour

This tool exhibits spreadsheet-like behaviour ... change a value and related values are re-calculated automatically.

SVG Plugin

This tool needs SVG viewing capabilities. If your browser does not support SVG then download the Adobe plugin here.

Download Adobe SVG here