Mining Rule of Thumb

Mining Rules of Thumb have been gathered over 30 years of hard rock mining service provided by Stantec / Mining and predecessor firms.

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About the rules

The primary usage of Rules of Thumb should be in the development of conceptual designs and feasibility studies or, when a quick decision is required in the solution of an operating problem. Although an approximated answer, derived from a Rule of Thumb may solve an immediate problem, Rules of Thumb are not a substitute for the application of sound engineering and design methodologies. Although we firmly believe that the presented Rules of Thumb provide great continuing value to our industry, McIntosh Engineering does not guarantee their validity, nor do we (or the referenced individual sources) accept responsibility for application of the Rules of Thumb by others. Where possible, direct quotes have been provided from individual references; however, it is possible that referenced sources may not have directly stated the Rule of Thumb for which they are assigned credit. Although we have endeavored to accurately quote all individual references contained in the Rules of Thumb compilation, we apologize in advance for any misquotes that may be attributed to individual sources. We will provide updates to the Rules of Thumb compilation, as we become aware of corrections that may be necessary.


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