Geology - Three point problem

Application: Exploration and Geology

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Geology - Three point problem


An interactive tool for determination of the dip and strike of a plane from three points located in the plane.

Notes on Geology - Three Point Problem

  • Tool determines the orientation (strike azimuth, dip azimuth, dip) of a plane defined by three points.
  • 0 < dip < 90 degrees (clockwise down from horizontal; on the right looking along strike)
  • 0 < azimuth < 360 degrees (+ve clockwise from North)
  • -1 000 000 < coordinates < 1 000 000 m or ft
  • Elevation is +ve up; depth is +ve down.
  • -10 000 < elevation or depth < 10 000 m or ft

Tool Parameters

Values displayed with a may be changed ... click on a value to display an entry form ... or use the arrows right of a value to select from a list.

Tool Behaviour

This tool exhibits spreadsheet-like behaviour ... change a value and related values are re-calculated automatically.

SVG Plugin

This tool needs SVG viewing capabilities. If your browser does not support SVG then download the Adobe plugin here.

Download Adobe SVG here