Ballmill Design - Energy Required for Comminution

Application: Mineral Processing

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Ballmill Design - Energy Required for Comminution


An interactive design tool for determination of the energy required for ore comminution by ballmill.

Notes on Ball Mill Design - Energy Required for Comminution

  • Feed material is assumed coarse hard rock.
  • Feed Size and Product Size are 80% passing mesh sizes (micron)
  • 5 < Bond Work Index < 50 kWh/short ton (Imperial units)
  • 150 < Feed Size < 25000 micron
  • 20 < Product Size < 200 micron
  • 0.3 < Ball Vol Fraction < 0.5
  • Ball Depth measured from top of shell to balls
  • 2.8 < Shell Speed < 10.0 m/s
  • Critical Speed is the Shell Speed at which particles are pinned centrifugally to the shell
  • 3.0 < Mill Diameter < 5.5 m

Ball mill design equations provided by David Martin Menne.

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