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Vocational Certificate Programs

Do you have specific learning goals? Our vocational certificate programs provide a logical path to reach those goals.

Vocational Certificate Programs


EduMine currently presents nearly 150+ online courses, representing more than 1900 professional development hours on all mining topics.

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Institutional Member Enrollment

EduMine Enrollment is available to members of the following institutions: The Australian Institute of Geoscientists, The Australasian Institute of Mining & Metallurgy, The Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy & Petroleum and The Geological Society of London.

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EduMine meets the Criteria for Certification established by the Authorized Provider Commission of the IACET (International Association for Continuing Education and Training).

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Why EduMine for your university or mining school?

Supplement your curriculum with online material that will reinforce your students’ education and learning experience and enable you to accurately track student performance with minimal grading time.

Reinforce programs.

Supplement your curriculum with time-effective, online components.

Fill the gaps.

Fill topic gaps in those areas where you have faculty or resource limitations.

Test more.

Use online courses as pre-reading and quickly identify knowledge gaps in your class.

Aid research.

Give your students the ability to efficiently research using our fully searchable online course library.

Measure success.

Monitor success of students taking EduMine courses; reduce the need for marking supplementary tests.

Training everywhere.

Allow students travelling or on a work term to have continuing access to hundreds of online courses.

Educational License

Educational Plus License

Annual fee $3,660.00/year $7320.00/year
Account type Unlimited Unlimited
Additional users Included Included
Unrestricted access to all online courses Included Included
Discount on EduMine short courses and live webcasts Contact Us Contact Us
Customised online campus Included Included
Certification included Bulk Discounts Available Unrestricted, no Certificates issued
User reporting and tracking Included Included

To discuss EduMine’s role in your curriculum contact us.

See who else is using EduMine to enhance their curriculum at the EduMine Campus Pavilion.

The EduMine Learning Experience


Our library contains 150+ online courses representing a knowledge resource of 2000+ hours of learning material as well as 60+ short courses and live webcasts that cover all aspects of mining. Our courses are broken down into 7 primary applications and 3 audience levels to help guide your course selection. Regardless of the mining subjects that your students need, we have courses for you.

Blended Learning with Live Courses

EduMine’s short courses and live webcasts give your students the opportunity to further their online studies by learning directly and in real time from industry experts. An EduMine educational campus gets your students significant discounts on these live courses.

Training Infrastructure

An online educational campus provides a secure online platform for student learning, training and research, including management and reporting of enrollment, usage, and performance tracking.

Other License benefits include:

  • User support by email or telephone.
  • Maintenance of user records for at least seven years.
  • Custom newsletters to communicate training details to users.

Authority and Quality

EduMine’s authors and presenters are top-tier industry specialists, each with years of experience in their field. Many are leading figures in the academic world and in their areas of specialization. Collectively, they represent the professional and academic authority on many mining topics.

EduMine’s courses are thoroughly reviewed and vetted to ensure that content is accurate, up-to-date, and relevant to the global mining community.

Our team has the experience to tailor programs that provide optimal training at minimal cost for your specific needs.


The Authorized Provider Commission of the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) has approved EduMine as a provider of continuing education for people working in the mining industry. EduMine can award Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to those who successfully complete certification in EduMine’s online courses. These can be used as continuing professional development credits towards maintaining professional status. These are recognized by professional associations and can be used as continuing professional development credits towards maintaining professional status.

Courses Available in Several Languages

In addition to our English courses, EduMine offers online courses, short courses, and webcasts in Spanish. We also have a selection of courses in Portuguese, French, and Mongolian. We are continually expanding our selection of translated courses.

Access to Online Tools

Your EduMine campus provides access to our library of online mining tools, calculators, and converters. Let your students use the tools to practice some of the concepts learned from the courses.