Training for mining has moved to a new level

The mining campus just got a whole lot smarter…

  • Training content that covers the mining workforce
  • Delivery by a Learning Management System (LMS) designed for mining
  • A one-stop training solution!
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Managing training for mining is complicated

  • Managing and tracking compliance across a diverse workforce to remain competitive and sustainable.
  • Ensuring access across multiple locations with varying connectivity.
  • Integrating different training formats with a single tracking and reporting process.

Campus+ addresses these challenges

EduMine provides training content that addresses competencies and skills across the mining workforce, from operators to technical and trades personnel to professionals and managers.

MiningSLS provides LMS technology designed for the mining environment.

Your workforce can access course content anytime and anywhere, with or without internet connectivity.

You can track assessments, see who has completed training and discover issues before incidents happen.

Your business can streamline training processes with powerful online course and user management tools.

What exactly is Campus+?

It's a powerful integrated one-stop training solution which lets you track your workforce performance and analyze assessment results to gain insight into training efficiencies, in a system that works with or without connectivity.

EduMine provides the training content for your entire workforce and is partnered with top mining universities, third party training providers and professional associations such as CIM and SME. Your own training content can be part of the solution.

MiningSLS is a learning management system for mining from Mining Safety and Learning Systems. It is proven software, hosted on the web, that acts as the central hub for the delivery and management of training content.

FAQ for the new mining campus

Does Campus+ supply content?

Yes. While MiningSLS provides the computer software infrastructure to support eLearning, EduMine offers content through an extensive global network of mining experts that provide online and live course content. We can also help you convert your company-specific courses to a MiningSLS-playable format.

How hard is this to implement?

We offer a Turnkey Solution option for small to medium sized operators that want to get started quickly and with minimal effort on the operator's part.

I already use computer courses to train my workforce, how would Campus+ help me?

Campus+ does more than just offer courses online. With it, you can manage course registrations, update company-specific content in a single location, track certifications and receive feedback. More importantly, the system offers advanced reports and analytics on course performance, giving you a clear view of what your workforce knows.

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