Solutions for Corporations

Extract the best out of your assets — INVEST IN YOUR TEAM!

Corporations understand that highly trained employees with a broad skillset will contribute more, and are more productive. EduMine delivers customized training programs that give valued staff the tools they need to continue their professional development. This results in engaged and informed employees, increased productivity, and ensures that companies are well positioned to maximize asset potential.


  • Provide your team with access to knowledge through mining's largest research and study library
  • Work with our professionals to develop and organize customized training and education programs
  • Track employee success with our learning management tools
  • Encourage employees with Continuing Professional Development opportunities
  • Incentivize employees with training that qualifies for a university Certificate in Mining Studies


Enroll First, Then Certify

With enrollment, users gain access to mining's largest research and study library. The library is also used to certify in relevant courses.

Certification is an additional fee per course. Completed certifications are used as recognized proof of learning achievements, to measure performance, to enhance resumes, and to satisfy Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements.

Certification in online courses allow users to work towards the Certificate in Mining Studies, a university certificate program.

Certification Proves Learning Objectives

Certification optimizes your learning experience by rigorous testing, in an extended multiple choice format. Incorrect answers will create a "learn more" link, allowing users to return to the correct answer within the course material, improving knowledge in weaker areas. A new set of testing questions are produced each time a user returns to a review. Answers are tracked and scores can be submitted once the user has met the requirements for passing.

Upon successful completion of a course, users are issued a certificate that can be added to their resume, and used toward CPD requirements.