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IC-MinEval - Software for the Financial Modeling of Mining Projects

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IC-MinEvalIC-MinEval provides financial modeling of mining projects producing spreadsheet-based models for base, precious metal, coal, industrial minerals or gemstone deposits. The application has successfully translated the expertise in mining financial evaluation developed over many years at the Royal School of Mines into a software tool that is now used in the mining industry by hundreds of mining companies, investment banks, and financial services companies worldwide.

Models can be exported in Excel spreadsheet format and run offline by the user in a local Excel environment.

IC-MinEval was launched after three years of research and development by computer programmers, quantitative financiers, geo-statisticians, mining geologists and minerals engineers, and many discussions with investment bankers, new business developers, and mining operating staff. IC-FinEval Ltd was formed soon afterwards to further develop and commercialize this and other software.

Now mining companies, consultancy groups, and financial institutions are able to:

  • Produce fully-customised models with project-specific data in 30 minutes rather than weeks or months.
  • Export these models in Excel spreadsheet format and run them offline in a local Excel environment.
  • Better negotiate with potential commercial partners using the model as a base-line for discussions.
  • Quickly identify viable projects.
  • Rapidly compare and screen projects and easily communicate the results using a dependable industry standard.
  • Evaluate all key project variables using financial, sensitivity, and risk analyses.
  • Treat tax, and the effect it has on the cost of capital, more realistically.
  • Ensure that all perspectives are considered through use of IC-MinEval's menus and linked Help files.
  • Quickly and easily modify their model.
  • Significantly reduce the chance of accidentally introducing errors because of IC-MinEval's automatic data checking and updating of links.

Ultimately, this software enables its users to make better decisions in less time and thereby earn, save and protect millions of dollars.

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