Edumine Professional Programs

Put Yourself on the Professional Track

Prepare yourself for the professional track in your company with an Edumine Professional Program. Our professional programs provide you with the specialized learning you need to advance your career in mining.
Our library of over 150 online courses provides you with opportunities for professional development. Professional programs combine several related courses using a logical learning path and clearly defined objectives.

  • Focus on areas of expertise when you need them, on-demand.
  • Leverage an educational offering that works with you; whether from the convenience of your home, office or while travelling, our professional programs are self-paced and can be customized to meet your learning needs.
  • Satisfy your continuing education needs; many courses qualify as Continuing Professional Development (CPD) that maintain your professional status with minimal impact on your work or budget.
  • Position yourself for future professional development; many courses qualify for the university Certificate in Mining Studies Program.

What are Edumine Professional Programs?

The Edumine Professional Programs are designed to reinforce, expand and deepen your knowledge of a particular topic in mining. This will allow you to grow professionally and put you on a path to becoming specialized in the mining industry.

All courses required to complete Edumine's professional programs are available as online courses with online certification—this means they can be taken in your own time and at your own pace from anywhere with an Internet connection. Collect your individual course certificates and present them at the end to receive your Program Certificate of Completion and a course transcript. Or register for a complete Professional Program at the start and receive a 20% discount on all course certification fees.