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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll in EduMine?

Click enrollment for detailed information on Edumine enrollment option.

What are the benefits of enrollment?

  • Unlimited access to all available EduMine Courses and Tools.
  • Opportunities for certification and meeting your professional development commitments.
  • Access to a large and growing resource of technical information including more than 6000 technical papers from Publications.

What is the fee for EduMine enrollment?

Our current rates can be viewed under EduMine Enrollment options here (see enrollment for more information).

Are there any special enrollment rates?

If you are a member of the CIM (Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum), you can benefit from the Institutional rate, which offers a 10% discount on standard rates.

Is there a corporate enrollment rate?

There are several corporate options which offer significant group discounts over individual enrollment rates, as well as other benefits (see enrollment for more information).

What are the benefits of certification?

Certification confirms your achievement of intended learning outcomes for a course. See certification for more information.

What are CEUs and PDHs?

CEUs (or PDHs) (see below) provide formal recognition of your professional development. See certification for more information.

  • CEU is short for Continuing Education Unit. EduMine can award CEUs for successful completion of a course under approval from the IACET (International Association for Continuing Education and Training). See certification for more information
  • PDH is short for Professional Development Hour. One CEU is equivalent to 10 PDHs. PDHs are recognized as formal units of measurement for professional development by many US state professional boards. See certification for more information

How do I register for certification?

In the introduction of the course you have selected, click the Log On or Register for Course Certification link. Complete the displayed registration forms and follow instructions. See certification for more information

Support Topics

Why does my browser "Back" function work differently in the courses?

Use of the browser "Back" function within a course will typically take you back to the course introduction rather than the previous course session. We recommend you use the template navigation functions, such as Previous, Next, Last Visited or Course Map instead.

Which browsers and plug-ins are required and where do I download them?

Courses and tools are mostly cross-browser compatible and may be viewed in all modern web browsers. For the best viewing experience use Internet Explorer V9 (or higher) or Firefox V20 (or higher). To ensure that you are able to view all of the material in a course you may require one or more of the following plug-ins. These plug-ins are all free to download.

What browser settings are required in Internet Explorer in order to view the course?

For the best viewing experience the following security and toolbar settings must be in effect ...

  • scripting enabled
  • popup windows allowed
  • cookies enabled
  • allow scripted windows to prompt for information enabled

Can I adjust the font size within the courses?

You can adjust the font size within a course by clicking Text Size in the Internet Explorer View menu. This may be useful when you are viewing a course on a large screen.

I am enrolled in EduMine. Why is access denied when I attempt to access a link?

Ensure that your browser service packs are up to date. For MS Internet Explorer visit windows update.microsoft.com. Ensure that the link you are attempting to access is included in your EduMine enrollment package.

Why do I have problems viewing the courses?

  • EduMine courses are designed to work with  default security settings. Most problems experienced by viewers are caused when   cookies or scripting are restricted or disabled in your browser settings. 
  • Cookies must be enabled in your browser. For Internet Explorer, in the Tools menu, click Internet Options, select the Privacy tab, click the Advanced button, enable Overide Automatic Cookie Handling, enable Always Allow Session Cookies.
  • Scripting must be enabled in your browser. For Internet Explorer, in the Tools menu, click Internet Options, select the Security tab, click the Custom Level button, scroll down to Scripting, enable the available scripting options.
  • If you have a firewall installed on your workstation or server. Check that it does not prevent cookies or scripting or popup windows. If you are on a corporate intranet then you may have to check firewall (and other) security restrictions with your systems manager. (Note: Windows XP has built-in firewall functionality that you may not be aware of. Consult Help for information on how to adjust your firewall settings.)
  • If you conform to all of the above but are still experiencing problems then clear your browser cache. For Internet Explorer, in the Tools menu, click Internet Options, click the Delete Files button, set the Delete all offline content check box, click OK, click OK, then close your browser and restart it.

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