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The EduMine Mission

To deliver professional development, training and technology to the worldwide mining community at an affordable price.

Review Board

The EduMine Review Board advises and assists the EduMine Executive with review, approval and selection of courses, course topics, accreditation and educational policy.

Educational Policy

The EduMine Executive applies the following policy to EduMine operations with respect to online courses, short courses and webcasts.

Course Topics

  • topical in the context of modern mining
  • authored by industry specialists
  • relevant to mining and the mining community

Course Content

  • well structured and well written
  • appropriate depth and breadth of knowledge
  • practical application of knowledge
  • clear definition of learning objectives

Course Quality

  • encourage course ratings and evaluations by users
  • provide evaluation feedback to authors and developers

Course Delivery

  • appropriate format (text, image, video, etc.)
  • efficient delivery (minium bandwidth)
  • ease of use and navigation
  • high quality of content
  • clear, concise and accessible description

Learning Process

  • confirms the achievement of learning objectives
  • compatible with the requirements of academia, professionals and industry

Record Keeping

  • accurate, comprehensive records of students, activities and achievements
  • strict security and privacy of student records
  • secure student access to records
  • application of the Privacy Policy

Collaboration with Industry

To form alliances and networks with mining education institutions, professional associations and industry to further the development and dissemination of courses for professional development and training wherever possible.

IACET Approved Provider

EduMine meets the Criteria for Certification established by the Authorized Provider Commission of the IACET (International Association for Continuing Education and Training), 1620 Eye Street, N.W., Suite 615, Washington, DC 20006.

EduMine has adopted the IACET Guidelines and Criteria for qualification of courses for certification. This empowers EduMine to award CEUs (continuing education units) for successful completion of qualifying courses.

Note - A CEU is equivalent to 10 PDHs (professional development hours). Both CEUs and PDHs are recognized as formal units of measurement for professional development by most US state professional boards.