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Certification Types & Details

Details on the various Certifications types available through EduMine

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(See also Continuing Professional Development (CPD) on EduMine.)

(You must be enrolled before you can register for certification.)

Certification confirms your achievement of the learning objectives for a course

Certification confirms that you have achieved the learning objectives and satisfied the certification requirements for a selected course.

A certificate bearing the seal of the issuing institution is issued for successful completion of the certification requirements for a course.


CEUs provide formal recognition of your professional development

EduMine meets the Criteria for Certification established by the Authorized Provider Commission of the IACET (International Association for Continuing Education and Training), 1620 Eye Street, N.W., Suite 615, Washington, DC 20006.

EduMine has adopted the IACET Guidelines and Criteria for qualification of courses for certification. This empowers EduMine to award CEUs (continuing education units) for successful completion of qualifying courses.

Note - A CEU is equivalent to 10 PDHs (professional development hours). Both CEUs and PDHs are recognized as formal units of measurement for professional development by most US state professional boards.

Certification can help you meet your CPD requirements

Confirm with your professional association that EduMine certification is recognized for CPD (continuing professional development) purposes.

For example, APEGBC (Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia) considers certification in an EduMine course as "formal CPD activity" (see also Continuing Professional Development (CPD) on EduMine).


Certain courses also qualify for CIM certification

A CIM certificate is awarded by the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM) to confirm successful completion of a CIM professional development course presented by EduMine. In addition to meeting the EduMine Certification Criteria, CIM courses have been peer reviewed and approved for the CIM Professional Development Program (see CIM professional Development on EduMine).

Where appropriate, CEUs and PDHs are awarded with both EduMine and CIM certification.

CMS (Certificate in Mining Studies)

Certain courses qualify as "online learning components" for the Certificate in Mining Studies

Participating mining schools offer a Certificate in Mining Studies to students who complete both the online learning components and the short course and webcast components presented each year within the CMS program.

This presents an opportunity to participate in a university accredited mining studies program ... yet much of the learning requirement can be completed online, in your own time, from the mine site, office or home.

[Note: Participation in the Certificate in Mining Studies is optional. For EduMine certification all of the requirements can be completed online.]

Certain courses qualify as "online learning components" for the Simon Fraser University Custom Corporate Graduate Diploma in Business Administration

Simon Fraser University's Segal Graduate School of Business offers a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration that consists of 24 credits of graduate level coursework. Students now have an option of completing the GDBA program by including one or more course customized for the mining sector.Graduate Business Courses for Mining consist of two components: an on-line component offered through EduMine and a corporate sponsored classroom component offered in Vancouver or onsite. Students who complete both the online learning components (EduMine courses) and the on-campus classroom components of these courses will receive credit toward the GDBA.

For more information see Simon Fraser University Graduate Diploma in Business Administration ....

[Note: Participation in any Simon Fraser University programs is optional. For EduMine certification all of the requirements can be completed online.]


Certification allows you to print the course materials

Once you are registered for certification and logged on to a course, a Print This Session function becomes available. This allows you to continue studying the course while you are travelling or away from your computer.

You must be enrolled in order to register for certification

Your enrollment in EduMine (either as an individual, or as a member of a multi-user account) must be current when you register for certification. Enrollment provides you with unlimited access to all available courses; you can participate in a course in your own time, at your own pace, from any convenient location, without any deadlines for completion.

You need to register for certification only when you are confident you have achieved the stated learning objectives of a course.

The primary requirement is completion of a set of reviews (quizzes)

The interactive reviews within the selected course, each displaying a random selection of questions, must be completed with an average score of at least 75% and a minimum score of at least 60%.

Whenever you intend to complete one or more of the course reviews you must enter the course via the Course Certification Log On or Register option in the course introduction (see "The registration process..." below).

Your progress through the course reviews will only be recorded when you are logged on. You may log on as many times as necessary to fulfill the course requirement. You may also enter the course via any of the other entry options at any stage, however your progress will not be recorded during these sessions.

The registration process may be completed online

To register for certification, enter the selected course via the Register for Certification option in the course introduction.

Complete and submit the registration form as instructed. Following receipt of payment by EduMine, you will receive e-mail approval to begin the certification process.

The certification process is simple and straightforward

  • When you are ready to complete one of the interactive reviews, log on to the course via the Register for Certification option in the course introduction (see "The registration process ..." above).
  • Complete the multiple-choice questions in the review; check your results at any time with the Score button. If you are satisfied with your score then Submit your results with the button at the end.
  • Complete all of the interactive reviews within the selected course on or before the specified completion date. The completion date reflects a generous time allocation based on you completing 3 - 4 hours of course work per week (subject to a minimum completion period of 20 days).
  • You will have the opportunity to display a report of certification progress whenever you log on or log off from the course. To log off, use the Exit Course option within the course.
  • Your recorded performance will be reviewed by the EduMine Review and Approval Board and the appropriate certification will be mailed to you.


If you have any questions on course certification, please contact us by email at support@edumine.com or tel: (604) 683 2037.