Department of Mining Engineering

Department of Mining Engineering

University of Nevada, Reno, NV, USA


John Mackay Club
The John Mackay Club is the student chapter of SME, the Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration. Membership consists primarily of Mining Engineering majors but also includes students from other earth sciences. The club serves to connect students with industry, promote professional development, and provide a social outlet for students. Each year the club sends members to the SME Annual Meeting, where they compete in the SME/NSSGA (National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association) Student Mine Design Competition and have traditionally placed very well. more »

Contact: Dr. Dan Taylor [email protected]

Mackay Rockhounds

The Mackay Rockhounds (an AIPG-sponsored student group) are a group of outdoors and field-focused students from a range of majors both in and outside of the earth sciences. Their purposed includes professional development, earth science field trips, and creating an inclusive social experience for students interested in the earth sciences. They are involved in community service, fund-raising and exploring professional options related to their interests, including visits to mines, assay labs, rockhounding sites and inspiring other students to join in their passion for rocks and minerals.

The Mackay Rockhounds Club, along with the Mackay Women's International Intercollegiate Mining Team and the John Mackay Club, hosted several on-campus activities during UNRÂ’s Mackay week celebration, including giving UNR students and faculty a chance to try their hand at Swede-sawing, gold panning, blackjack, and even an old-west-themed dance featuring a live blue grass band.

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