Department of Mining Engineering

Department of Mining Engineering

University of Nevada, Reno, NV, USA


Mining Life-Cycle Center

Keywords: environmental issues | social issues |
The Mining Life-Cycle Center (MLC) is located at the Mackay School of Mines at the University of Nevada, Reno. Modern society must address the economic, environmental and social issues associated with mining throughout its entire life cycle, beginning with exploration and ending with mine closure, reclamation and long-term use. The MLC is focused on the key environmental and life-cycle issues facing mining in the US and abroad. Because of the spectrum of issues involved, the MLC emphasizes multidisciplinary approaches. more »

Contact: Dr. Dirk Van Zyl, Director (775) 784-7039 [email protected]

Diesel Emissions Exposure Measurements in Underground Mines

Keywords: underground | air quality | contaminant |
  • Characterize chemical composition and particle size distributions of organic and inorganic contaminants from specific sources and in ambient air in underground gold mines;
  • Apportion the contribution of specific sources (e.g., diesel equipment, mechanical particle generation, oil mist, cigarette smoke, etc.) to the total ambient airborne contaminant load in the mines; Estimate exposures of mine workers to these sources.
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Contact: Professor Pierre Mousset-Jones (775) 784 6959 [email protected]

Measurement and Modeling of Blast Movement for Open Pit Mines

Keywords: blasting | open pit |
One of the most frequently encountered requirements of mining operations in which rock is broken using bench blasting techniques, is the need to produce a well fragmented muckpile which will "dig" easily. "Diggability" is a function of various aspects of the blast design, notably timing and powder factor. A "hard digging" muckpile will cause poor productivity in the loading fleet, excessive machine wear and will adversely effect areas as diverse as mining plan conformance and mill through-put. The most common approach to the provision of a muckpile which is "easy" to dig is the combination of long inter row delay and relatively high powder factor, promoting extensive lateral movement and vertical heave within the rock mass. more »

Contact: Ian R Firth (775) 784 4185 [email protected]

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