Mine Security Risk Analysis and Reduction

Mine Security Risk Analysis and Reduction

Areas of Study: Management

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The security issues raised in this course will be of great help to managers and security professionals involved in the mining sector, especially when operating in underdeveloped or unstable regions.

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  • 16 hours

Course Summary


This course concentrates on the systems, methodology, and practical applications seen within site security as it is applied to the mining and extraction industries. In particular, how an event or policy might influence risk; threat and impact will be outlined as well as several assessment methods. The course emphasises the need to implement proper management structures and provides examples of leadership processes that are fit for purpose and effective.

The issues raised in this course will be of great help to security professionals as well as other managers involved in heavy industry, especially when operating in underdeveloped or unstable regions. The practical measures that can be taken to deter an attack and how best to respond if one occurs are skills all managers should appreciate. Instigating local community support and effective legal risk management are also very useful tools for when properly applied a reduction in litigation may well occur.

Course Content

The principal issues covered in Mine Security Risk Analysis and Reduction include:

  • Legal Liabilities and Security
  • Site Survey
  • Site-Based Protection
  • Recruitment and Using Subcontractors
  • Contingency Planning
Mine Security Risk Analysis and Reduction is structured with five course parts and a total of 22 viewing sessions of 30-60 minutes each, plus interactive course reviews (quizzes). Current course duration is equivalent to approximately 16 hours of study content.

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize the modern perception of corporate security, liabilities, and international oversight.
  • Identify security assessments, practical defensive measures, and thorough liaison mechanisms.
  • Identify proper vetting procedures, data retention, legal risk, as well as management oversight.
  • Apply the principles learned to implementation of an integrated security system for a mining operation.

Recommended Background

  • A general understanding of the context of operating mines in regions that could be politically unstable.

Alan Franklin

Alan is a principal at GBRM, a consulting and educational company that provides courses on international business risk assessment and mitigation to mining executives.

Alan has also developed and is presently teaching a course entitled International Business: Understanding and Managing Legal Risk for the Athabasca University distance-learning MBA program. He is also currently teaching online undergraduate courses (Constitutional Law; Comparative Global Legal Approaches and Philosophies) for Royal Roads University, as well as Diplomatic Law and International Law for Diplomats for the Diplo Foundation. He has also taught for the University of London LL.B. program in Canada. Alan is also working with the World Bank regarding tools for companies in order to combat corruption.

This course was developed in partnership with a well-educated person with three post graduate degrees. He has been involved in the law enforcement and private security field since 1991, and has been working for the police as well as commercial industry. He has formulated security policies for companies working in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Well-travelled and highly experienced, he has always believed heavy industry (including mining) requires solutions that are both practical and readily achievable.