Getting the Most Out of Your Edumine eLearning Experience

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This course is designed to make your Edumine online learning an effective, productive, and rewarding experience.

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Course Summary


There are many reasons for taking an Edumine course: to meet your professional development obligations, as part of a corporate training program, to improve your career enhancement prospects, or to help you perform your work more efficiently by improving your knowledge and skill levels. You should have a clear idea of what your objectives are before you start a course as this will help you to get the most out of the learning experience. Whatever your objectives, this course is designed to make your online learning an effective, productive and rewarding experience. This course comprises 10 learning sessions of 15 minutes or less each. Course duration is equivalent to approximately 2 hours of learning content.

By completing this course you will learn about the following:

  • online learning methods and how to use them most effectively;
  • course selection, enrollment and certification;
  • course navigation, online tools and knowledge resources;
  • learning programs.

Learning Outcomes

  • An understanding of the online learning process and the ability to apply this knowledge to achieving your personal learning objectives efficiently and effectively.
  • An understanding of how to select the most appropriate course for your objectives, how to enroll for access to the course, and how to register for certification and extract maximum benefit from the course.
  • An understanding of the tools and functionality offered by the online courseware template and how to navigate and use them effectively.
  • An appreciation of what lies beyond online courses in terms of learning programs and how these can be used to build your career in mining.

Recommended Background

  • None

Simon Houlding

Simon Houlding spent his youth in Zimbabwe, graduated with an MSc (Engineering) from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, worked in the South African mining industry for ten years, and has made Canada his home since 1976. He is a practicing Professional Engineer and member of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia, and a member of the CIM. In the 1980s he founded Lynx Geosystems Inc., where he pioneered the development of spatial modeling techniques for resource estimation and authored several books and numerous technical references on the subject.

In 1999 he joined InfoMine Inc. and founded Edumine to provide online professional development and training to the global mining community. Up to his retirement in 2017, he focused on promoting online learning as an effective platform for global dissemination of mining expertise in collaboration with industry and academia. Edumine is now the world's largest provider of online professional development and training for mining.

In 2015, CIM awarded Simon Houlding the Vale Medal for Meritorious Contributions to Mining. In 2018, he received the CIM Robert Elver Award for the Most Significant Contribution to the Mineral Economics Field.