Environmental Awareness for Resource Planning
Environmental Awareness for Resource Planning

Environmental Awareness for Resource Planning

Areas of Study: Environment and Community

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An introductory course on environmental awareness and the issue of sustainability with respect to resource projects. The course is aimed at all levels of management, from supervisor to senior management.


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  • 5 hours

Course Summary


Today, sustainability is the key to the future success of mining and we carefully consider the long-term impacts of operations on our local communities. Sustainability means we consider the economical, environmental, cultural, and social aspects in the development of our operations as we strive to benefit local communities in the way we benefit from operating as their neighbours.

Sound environmental practices result in improved air, water, land, and heritage resources. Benefits accrue to the environment, our people, our families, the broader community, and future generations. They also result in credibility with local communities in being able to manage the local resource and access to further resources in the future. Your company should be committed to providing guidelines, management, personnel, and resources necessary to minimise potential adverse effects of its operations on the environment and human health.

Course Content

The course comprises 13 working sessions, each of approximately 15 - 30 minutes duration, plus supporting figures and three interactive review sessions. Course duration is equivalent to approximately 5 hours of viewing content.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the environmental issues facing a company's operations.
  • Recognize the applications of a company's environmental policy.
  • Define responsibilities for pollution or non-compliance.
  • Identify ways of minimizing environmental impact.

Recommended Background

  • A basic appreciation of resource-based operations and related environmental issues.

Ralph Gunness

Ralph Gunness is a Resource Industry Executive Project Manager (more than 35 years) and Director (more than 20 years) with an engineering and science background. He has experience in "on-site" and "remote" management of mining, gas and oil projects throughout the "resource sector life cycle", such as: confidential purchase audits; project scoping studies; basis of design planning; front end engineering & design (FEED); engineering; procurement and construction (EPC); commissioning; operations; decommissioning; deconstruction and rehabilitation.

He is responsible for direct team management, oversight and delivers "on-site" training directly related to several world class upstream & downstream gas field development and operations, from exploration to development of gas fields; pipelines; compression plants; power stations and LNG plants and recently the decommissioning and rehabilitation of Power Stations. Previously, he was an Environmental General Manager across 15 coal mining and several metallurgical processing operations.

Along the way, Ralph has received the Australian Prime Minister's, "2007 Environmentalist of the Year" finalist award. He also received two other environmental finalist awards in the eco-innovation and wastewater treatment categories. He received two awards for innovative Coal Mine Rehabilitation. Ralph was presented with an award from the U.N. for his work in implementing sustainable project management and assessment in the resource industries.

Ralph has degrees in Business Management, Environmental Studies, Training, Science & Agricultural Science. He has written and presented many papers and training courses associated with the mining, power and energy, petroleum and gas industries. He is an accredited auditor.

MBA, Postgrad Dip Env Studies, Dip Ed, Dip App Sc Agr, Cert IV Training and numerous Industry certifications.