Edumine Content Policies

Edumine prides itself in being the world's leading provider of training and education to the mining industry. We seek out experts that are willing to share their knowledge and experience in mining, and together, provide the content to individuals, corporations and educators.

Our Content Policies provide guidance to the Edumine team, our authors and our presenters to ensure a consistent, high-quality delivery of continuing education and training to our learners.

Quality of Content Policies

Edumine's four policies on Quality of Content play an important role in making sure we live up to our mission statement:

"To deliver accessible professional development, training and technology to the worldwide mining community at an affordable price, with emphasis on distance learning and collaboration with educational institutions and professional associations, to enrich the mining education and training experience."

Course Topics

Edumine selects topics that are topical in the context of modern mining, authored and presented by industry specialists, and relevant to mining and the mining community. Wherever possible, we encourage authors and presenters to convey the practical application of the knowledge they are providing through our courses.


Edumine aims to offer high-quality, well-structured and well-written content to our audience. Overall, we strive to offer the appropriate depth and breadth of knowledge on mining across our course formats (online, live webcasts, short courses).

Quality Checks

Edumine encourages learners to rate and evaluate courses, so that we can provide evaluation feedback to authors and presenters as well as our course developers.


Edumine works with the authors and presenters to ensure their knowledge is conveyed in the appropriate format (text, image, video, etc.). For our online courses, the courseware template has been designed for efficient delivery (minimum bandwidth), ease of use and navigation. In order to guide our learners to courses that are relevant for them, all courses are presented on our website with a clear, concise and accessible description, statement of learning objectives, and statement of recommended background.


Non-Discrimination Policy

Edumine staff and its authors and presenters warrant that their course content is consistent with high standards of professional conduct and does not discriminate against learners on the basis of gender, age, socioeconomic or ethnic background, religion, sexual orientation or disability.


Author and Presenter Proprietary Interests Policy

As part of the Author and Presenter agreements, authors/presenters will disclose all proprietary interests in any product, instrument, device, service or material discussed within the course content; this will be highlighted at the beginning of the course.


Intellectual and Legal Property Rights Policy

Both the contents of the courses and, for online courses, the courseware template are protected by international copyright law.

Edumine's policy on Intellectual and Legal Property Rights is that at all times, the intellectual property of all course content remains with the author or presenter.

The Intellectual and Legal Property Right of the courseware template for online courses remains with Edumine.


Author and Presenter Compensation Policies

Online Courses

Authors are compensated for their course content with royalties based on their courses' performance.

Live Webcasts

Presenters receive a fee based on the attendance of the live webcast.

Short Courses

Presenters receive a base fee and an additional fee based on the attendance of the short course.


Enforcement of Edumine's Content Policies

Edumine takes its Content Policies seriously. If you suspect a policy violation has occurred, please report it to us immediately by contacting [email protected].