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Pueblo Viejo is located in the Dominican Republic, approximately 100 kilometers northwest of the capital city of Santo Domingo, and is operated by the Pueblo Viejo Dominicana Corporation—a joint venture between Barrick (60%) and Goldcorp (40%). The mine achieved first gold production in 2012, and completed its ramp up in 2014.

A mine can affect the physical environment, including the land, air, water, and other important resources that we share with others. This is why Barrick is committed to minimizing and mitigating our impacts on the environment in the first place, and where they do occur, to put in place appropriate reclamation and remediation measures.

At Barrick, we strive to use only what we need and to reduce our impact on other water users in the countries and communities where we operate. This is not only the responsible and ethical thing to do, it makes good business sense. If we do not live up to our commitment to manage water responsibly, we know that it weakens our partnerships with governments and communities and jeopardizes. That is why we must maintain strong water management capabilities and risk-management practices everywhere we operate.

Biodiversity forms the basis of many ecosystem services. These include the provision of fresh water and of raw materials such as food and fuel, climate regulation, soil formation, and recreational services, which keep people, and the natural environment, alive and healthy.

We recognize that our mining activities can have an impact on local biodiversity and the provision of these essential services. We see biodiversity loss as both a regulatory risk and a risk to our relationships with host communities. One of our fundamental responsibilities is to remediate, as effectively as possible, our impacts to the environment.

Climate change, including shifts in temperature and precipitation and more frequent severe weather events, will affect the mining industry in a range of possible ways. Volatile climatic conditions can affect the stability and effectiveness of infrastructure and equipment; potentially impact environmental protection and site closure practices; lead to changes in the regulatory environment, including increased carbon tax regimes; and potentially impact the stability and cost of water and energy supplies.

PVDC Environmental CampusPVDC Environmental CampusPVDC Environmental Campus