EduMine Leadership Team

The EduMine leadership team is comprised of industry leading professionals in the areas of engineering, geology, education, and technical and client services.

Simon Houlding

Vice President

Primarily responsible for EduMine, the professional development division of InfoMine Inc., which provides learning and training programs to the global mining industry. He is a practicing professional engineer and author. His experience includes numerous research, development, application and educational projects, emphasizing practical application and dissemination of technology through consulting and research projects, educational seminars and technical publications.

Katja Freitag

Operations Manager

Katja has both an academic background and more than 10 years' experience in mining roles as varied as mobile equipment operator, process improvement superintendent, geotechnical services superintendent and management consultant. She leads the EduMine division which provides practical solutions to help companies meet their business objectives by developing their key asset — their human capital. Katja works closely with clients around the world to understand their training and professional development needs, and builds custom EduMine programs that close this needs gap.

Sandra Wunsch

Manager of Educational Events

Sandra is the Educational Events Manager for EduMine. She has over 15 years' experience in training, event management, and Human Resources, having worked in the public service sector in Germany and for InfoMine, Canada for many years.

Nina Albrecht

Manager of Educational Solutions

Nina is the Manager of Educational and Training Solutions in InfoMine's professional development division, EduMine. She has a background in IT and Financial Services, and currently manages the marketing and development of Corporate online training solutions.

Mariana Reinoso

Manager of Educational Media

Mariana is the Manager of Educational Media for EduMine. She has over 15 years of experience in the field of technical translations. She also has a background in education and is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Educational Technology at UBC. At EduMine, she coordinates online course development, and manages the translation of online courses into various languages, providing linguistic support, quality control and terminology standardization. She also provides customer support for Spanish speakers.

Beverlee Bishundayal

Technical Writer, Educational Events Support

Beverlee is a technical writer and provides support for educational events at EduMine. She has over 14 years of experience working in the events industry for private, public, and non-profit sectors . Beverlee has many years of experience as a technical and journalistic writer, working in these fields in both Vancouver and Montreal.