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Dr. Marcello Veiga

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Dr. Marcello Veiga has worked for the past twenty five years as a metallurgical engineer and environmental geochemist for mining and consulting companies in Brazil, Canada, US, Venezuela, Chile and Peru. He has worked extensively on environmental and social issues related to mining. As a professor of the Department of Mining Engineering at the University of British Columbia, since 1997, his research topics include: sustainable development in mining, mine closure and reclamation, remedial procedures for metal pollution (in particular mercury pollution, bioaccumulation and adverse effects of metals in the environment), acid rock drainage, and mineral processing. For 2 years, he worked as an expert for UNIDO - United Nations Industrial Development Organization, in Vienna, on issues related to artisanal gold mining in Asia, Africa and South America. Since Aug 2004, he is back to UBC to his academic activities.