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Graham grew up in Wales and graduated in 1969 with a diploma in mechanical engineering.

In 1974 Graham and his wife immigrated to Saskatchewan, Canada, where he worked in the mechanical maintenance and safety departments at an underground potash mine. In 1978, Graham and his family moved to Princeton, British Columbia, and he joined the maintenance department of Newmont Mines where he took a very active role in coaching and leading the mine rescue training on site.

In 1992, Graham joined the safety and inspection department of the Ministry of Mines of British Columbia in Prince George where he promoted health and safety awareness through the mines in the region. In 1999, Graham moved to Victoria, British Columbia, where he took the position of Emergency Preparedness Coordinator. During the more than 10 years with the ministry and the previous years in industry, Graham has designed and delivered numerous mine rescue and safety and awareness courses both in Canada and South America, and has certified numerous personnel in mine rescue and safety.

Following the years after leaving the Ministry of Mines, Graham returned to the mining industry working in safety management promoting effective mine rescue response personnel in both underground and surface at several mines. For a period of 10 years, Graham has contracted to the Yukon and Northern Territories governments as a mine rescue trainer together with conducting health and safety inspections. Currently, Graham is still contracting to the Northern Territories as a Health and Safety Inspector.