Dr. Franco Oboni

Dr. Franco Oboni

Ph.D., Civ. Eng. EPFL/SIA

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After two decades of intense geotechnical and contracting experience, above and underground, Franco slowly but surely pivoted towards risk engineering, an arena in which he has been internationally active for over two decades. Franco manages a broad range of risk and crisis mitigation projects for major mining companies all over the world. Projects include negotiations with community leaders, Quantitative Risk Assessments, Optimum Risk Estimates (ORE ©Riskope, 2010–present) and third party reviews. Franco has over fifty published papers and is co-author of the 2007 book entitled: “Improving Sustainability through Reasonable Risk and Crisis Management”. Franco delivers customized seminars world-wide and was co-recipient of the Italian Canadian Chamber of Commerce (Canada West) 2010 Innovation Award. His clients include international mining companies, UNDP, Fortune 500, World Bank, railroads, highways, harbors, luxury and food suppliers, military and numerous communities, regional and provincial governments.