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Dr. Elaine Cullen has extensive experience in the high-risk industries including mining, oil and gas production, and commercial fishing. She served her country for 38 years as a safety researcher for both the US Bureau of Mines and for NIOSH, where her primary interest was in studying occupational cultures in order to develop safety training that is truly effective.

She is the President of Prima Consulting Services, providing consulting services in leadership and training development since 2007. She is the author of numerous publications and products, but is most proud of the many safety training videos she has created for high-risk industries, such as You Are My Sunshine, a documentary on the Sunshine Mine Fire that has been used all over the world and Move It! Rig Move Safety for Roughnecks, a video developed for the oil and gas fields.

Dr. Cullen has won NIOSH's Alice Hamilton Award (3 times) and also has a NIOSH Bullard-Sherwood Award, a CDC Roundtable Award, a Telly Award, the ISMSP Guiding Light Award and the Highest Degree of Safety Award, and was named one of the 100 Women in Safety by ASSE. In 2015 she was named the ASSE Safety Professional of the Year for Mining.

Elaine has worked internationally in South Africa, Australia, Papua, and Canada, and also worked with the University of Texas on the India Modernization Project to provide safety and health training to mining engineers from India. She served for 6 years on the National Academies of Science Committee on Earth Resources, and co-chaired the NAS study on Workforce Issues in Energy and Extractive Industries. She has just released a new documentary on the Wilberg Mine Fire, called Remember Wilberg, and co-created a 2-day Leadership Development course for First Line Mining Supervisors, which she has been presenting throughout the West under a grant from NIOSH to the University of Texas at Arlington.