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Corey Dekker has worked for the past 10 years advising the Government of Canada on how to mitigate non-technical risk in federal regulatory processes overseeing natural resource development. Corey has worked as a Senior Advisor with multiple federal regulators in Canada, and through those positions has helped shape Canada's approach to integrating socio-economic impact assessment, Indigenous consultation, and Indigenous traditional knowledge into federal regulatory processes involving mining and energy development.

In addition to advising the government on regulatory frameworks and approaches, Corey has worked on dozens of major resource projects (mines, oil/gas, pipelines) and represented Canada in consultation with over 200 Indigenous groups. Corey has also developed and delivered training modules for the public, proponents, and Indigenous groups on the integration of socio-economic and Indigenous traditional knowledge into environmental assessment processes. In 2015, the Government of Canada awarded Corey a Regulatory Excellence Award for his work in this field.

Corey the is founder of the social enterprise, which provides free stakeholder mapping services for renewable energy startups. Corey is a status member of the Pine Creek First Nation in Manitoba and holds degrees in Political Science and Government from Simon Fraser University (BA) and the London School of Economics (MSc).