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Prof. Bern Klein

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Dr. Bern Klein is a Professor of Mining Engineering at the Norman B. Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering at University of British Columbia (UBC). Bern's research interest has long been the production of minerals and chemical processing technologies. After completing both his B.A.Sc. and Ph.D. in Mining Engineering at the University of British Columbia, Bern spent eight years as a consulting process metallurgist before Rick Lawrence, the Department Head of what was then UBC Mining and Mineral Processing Engineering, invited him to apply for an opening on the faculty. Bern accepted the invitation, hoping both to expand the type of work that he had been doing in consulting, and to contribute to the future of the Department and the industry.

He has certainly succeeded in those endeavours. Not only has he been published extensively in his areas of research interest (including industrial minerals, ultrafine grinding, high pressure grinding rolls, hydraulic transport of non-Newtonian mineral slurries, metal leaching from waste rock, rheology of mineral suspensions, and improved technologies for artisanal and small scale gold miners), he also serves as the Director of UBC's Center for Industrial Minerals Innovation (CIMI), Faculty Supervisor in the Center for Coal and Mineral Processing (CMP) Laboratory Facility, and as UBC Mining Industrial Liaison.