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Dr. Abani R. Samal

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Dr. Abani R. Samal is well recognized as an economic geologist, a geostatistician, and a leader in mining industry. His expertise lies in mineral deposit evaluation, resources estimation, and advanced geostatistical analyses. He holds an M.Tech degree from IIT(ISM), Dhanbad, India; an MS and DIC from Imperial College London, UK; and a PhD from SIU-Carbondale, USA.

Dr. Samal has over 20 years of experience working on exploration and mining projects around the world. He started his career as a mine geologist at a chromite mine in India. He was lead geologist and geostatistician with Pincock, Allen, and Holt (now RPM Global) in Denver, USA, and was Principal Advisor—Geology for Rio Tinto based out of Salt Lake City, USA. In 2015, Dr. Samal founded GeoGlobal LLC, and provides consulting services to exploration and mining projects worldwide.

Dr. Samal gained his expertise from working on many projects covering resource estimation, mine to mill reconciliations, exploration planning and resource assessments, detailed audits, reviews, and risk-based resource assessments and risk analyses for project financing and legal projects. These projects gave him exposure to a wide variety of deposit types, including nickel laterites, iron ore deposits, base metal vein deposits, copper-gold porphyry deposits, sediment-hosted copper deposits, and uranium sand stone hosted deposits.

Dr. Samal practices as a qualified person (QP) globally. He maintains the Registered Membership of SME and a Certified Professional Geologist (CPG) with AIPG, and he is an honorary representative of the CRIRSCO in India.

Dr. Samal is passionate about teaching and provides training programs and short courses in the areas of mineral resource estimation, applied geostatistics, and mine to mill reconciliation.