You Need a Fast-track Introduction to the World of Mining

Mining Explained

A layperson and investor's introduction to mining. It covers exploration, mining, metallurgy and investing, and explains in layperson's terms how minerals are discovered, extracted, refined and marketed; available in an online (self-paced) format.

Introduction to Mining and Mineral Processing

Provides a technical introduction for the professionals or technicians who are new to mining and need to understand the industry beyond their current scope of work; available in an online (self-paced) format as well as a live (interactive) webcast format and a short course (classroom) format.

360° Mining

For everyone to keep up-to-date with what is current, topical, relevant and important in terms of mining companies, people, financing, commodities, countries, equipment, regulations, hazards and more; available in an online (self-paced) format.

Wherever you are coming from, we have a Mining 101 solution just for you!

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